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Is Amazon website hosting right for WordPress

Amazon website hosting services are also known as Amazon Web Services (AWS). They usually call their service “Infrastructure as a Service”, in short (IaaS) or you can call it cloud computing services.

As the name sounds, it’s a subsidiary of Amazon, and, which is the market leader today.

Amazon’s website hosting services are even larger than those of Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM, and alike.

This is why they are hosting big and famous clients like Samsung, Netflix, Kellogg’s, Unilever, and others.

With such a reputation, if you host with Amazon website hosting you will know you are with the right Host.

Amazon provides services that are far more advanced than just basic hosting services like domain name registration, shared website hosting, and others.

They offer advanced services like gaming technologies, cloud hosting, virtual reality tools, machine learning services, and the list continues.

I know you might be wondering whether a WordPress site owner can host her site with WordPress?

Right this is what we will be answering in the next few paragraphs

Amazon website hosting features

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For the above reason, therefore, this article shall focus on the cloud hosting services that Amazon provides since we are talking about amazon website hosting

To begin with I would say yes, a WordPress site owner can host his/her site with AWS. However, amazon services honestly were not meant for simple users looking for simple, cheap, and automatic services.

But yes you will get great speeds and security with Amazon website hosting services but you will need to be ready to set up things manually by yourself.

Things like site migration, automatic installs, auto backups, website builders might not be the way you know them from HostGator for example.

For this reason, therefore I would suggest that if you are the kind of person who is looking for quality, quick and simple services, then I would suggest you check out HostGator because they have built their reputation for quite a long time. No one will talk about website hosting service provider and miss out mentioning them.

but in case you’re looking for the cheapest hosting services but with quality also, then I bet you won’t find cheaper than Hostinger.

Nonetheless if you think you are good with amazon website hosting, then you can continue reading with me such that we explore together some of their benefits and their prices.

SSL certification & CDN are available with amazon website hosting

They will provide you with SS protection certificate services, these certificates add security value to the website.

They will also provide you CDN. This is very important when you are concerned with the website loading speed. Besides, it adds a security layer to the website plus many related benefits.

You can read more about CDN.

They provide you with spam protection services. Spams have become something of great concern these days. If you create a website, you like it or not you will have to find ways of dealing with spams. More especially if your website accepts comments from your readers and users.

They also have multiple server locations where your website will be hosted. This of very big importance when it comes to the latency (put link). You would like to host your website in a location that is closer to the end-users of the website because this has an impact on the website loading speed.

Different server location means more secure backup

Amazon services have a huge infrastructure in that there are 64 zones, more than 20 regions, and more than 160 points of their presence. This makes them the best in this area.

Amazon will also provide for your website an uptime which is not less 99.99%. During its varsity, amazon puts maximum concern to its uptime. In fact, you can say, they provide 24hr/day uptime throughout the year

Another thing you will notice with Amazon services is that, like any other big hosting service provider, amazon also offers scalable resources. This means that you will only pay for what you have used. This is the same story with google cloud.

In case you liked their services or you are curious to know more and find out exactly what they are offering then that fine.

It will take you less than 5 minutes to create an account with Amazon website hosting.

After that, then you will be required to verify your account. And guess what? You are good to start trying their services even hosting real websites free of charge

You can, therefore, get your domain name from HostGator install WordPress site and begin to experience the power of Amazon website hosting services.

They will provide you with lots of services and applications for you to try out. in fact, there are more than 140 services ready for you to configure and find out how really things work that side

Backup and Restore

Since Amazon will not provide you with automatic backups as we stated above, but you still have the option of buying one. It will include backup services and data protection software.

Performance & Cost

The performance of Amazon services is very high. The worst would be better than many basic web host service providers. The least you will get will be around 300 milliseconds for connection time and 400 for the first byte, with the best hovering around 20 milliseconds.


Amazon wants its customers to be successful because that’s how they also gain income by having more customers. Therefore, you will 24/7 customer service (via ticket), documentation, and support forums with the basic

So if someone is wondering and asking how much does Amazon Web Services (AWS) cost?

Right, they offer plans that are starting from $4 to $240. The price will depend on the type of hosting plan you choose.

If you are asking which Amazon Web Services (AWS) plan should you should use, then my recommendation is to go for the cheaper plan at first. There will always be provisions and options for an upgrade in case you like it.

You check out my article about the best hosting website for small business.

Thanks for reading.

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