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7 Best free video hosting website

If you are looking for a free video-hosting website then you have a got a couple of solutions. Since almost everybody watches videos today, there are many hosts that offer solutions.

Many video web hosting sites give a great of video space without charging any penny. let’s have a look my top 7 list for free video hosting websites

1. YouTube (the best free video hosting website )

Google owns YouTube. if you appreciate the services that Google offers then there are many chances that you will also appreciate YouTube services.

Everyone is free to use YouTube. The approximate total number of people who use YouTube is 1,300,000,000. Statics show that users upload nearly 300 hours of video to YouTube every minute!

Statics also assert that YouTube users watch up to nearly 5 billion videos on YouTube every day.

This is how famous YouTube is.

In case you are looking for what exactly YouTube offers, then let’s look at the following

  • One of the unique features with YouTube as a free video-hosting website is that it provides options for streaming live video.
  • If you are attending conferences online, concerts, competitions, ceremonies, lectures, and many others, then YouTube has a provision for it.

I remember they used stream lectures on YouTube during my degree studies for students who were not present at the lecture rooms but they would like to join the lectures

  • if you open an account and verify it, then they will offer 128 GB free space. Free for good, unlike some video hosting sites which limit the time they will store videos. this makes YouTube the largest video hosting platform on the internet
  • If you upload a video on YouTube anyone can search for it. However, if you want to keep it private, then you can do so because they provide the option for it. Moreover, you can also make the video specific to a group of people if you like
  • Another thing is that, if you become popular on YouTube you can start earning income with video content if you like. in case you are curious about this have a look at my article on how to earn money from YouTube with no investment.

2. Daily motion (one of the free video hosting website)

There are both offers for free and paid accounts that are offered by Daily motion. in fact, they also have partner programs in case you want you are looking for advertisement and more exposure for your business.

However, all the free video hosting websites we have seen above have partner programs

3. Google Drive

Google Drive is commonly for backing up personal files and documents for later access. However, you can also upload your videos with it in case you did not choose to use YouTube. Google drive is also owned by Google. Throughout my experience with google drive, I think to provides room for more privacy and control over the security of files upload to it.

No one can access files stored on the drive without seeking permission from. The storage space provided by google drive is linked to the Gmail account.

This means that before you upload a video to this free video hosting website you will need to have an account. Creating an account with Google is absolutely free and quick.

if you seeking for the highest quality with will provide 15GB permanent storage for free with google drive.

However, if you like you can use the normal quality options which provides you with unlimited storage space for free.

Google Drive can be connected with google photos, in case you choose unlimited storage. With Google Photos, you are free to upload a limited number of videos and photos. I remember uploading more than 1000 photos on google photos in the old days.

And tell you what these photos are still there. I check on them time and again.

In case you want to keep memories for your sons and daughter or even grandsons and daughters, you can do so with google drive and google photos. They will keep your files permanently

4. Vimeo

Vimeo has also gained a reputation for being one of the free video hosting websites. There have a good a lot of quality video databases on their site that they share with customers. even though Vimeo is not as famous as YouTube, they still provide some good features for someone looking for free video storage.

To gain their 500MB space storage, you will need to register an account. Registering an account is free, so it should not take you much time to do it.

5. Twitch

Twitch, is more famous for live broadcasting. People who enjoy live streaming platforms for games and esports find it favorite.

They also offer free video hosting services to their customers, moreover, they are a lot of pre-recorded content and live broadcasts on the website. Twitch TV is an Amazon subsidiary. Capitalizing on their success.

Free video uploading is available to Twitch affiliates for free. Videos range from previous broadcasts to videos filmed entirely off-line and uploaded after editing. Twitch limits users to 5 simultaneous uploads per user. It also restricts them to a maximum of 100 uploads every 24 hours

7. Facebook

Statics show that there there are nearly 2.5 billion users of Facebook every month. This is already a third of the 7.5 billion population of all human beings on earth. This gives Facebook a reputation as a source to think of when you are planning for sharing your videos for free.

With a free account on Facebook, you can start uploading a video on the platform and start sharing them with your community.

However, for someone who is looking for privacy, I would not recommend Facebook for this. This is because they created Facebook originally for communication and sharing experiences.

Generally, people don’t use basically for storing large videos for future retrievals. but rather for uploading the videos to share them with friends. one of the unique features with Facebook is the ability to stream live.

I always see a lot of video streaming on Facebook these days. personal accounts stream. Television stations stream, Politicians and the list go on.

7. Instagram

Instagram is an American photo and video sharing platform. Facebook owns Instagram too c. Users of Instagram have the option of sharing their images and short videos to the platform. there are also options of whether the account is private or public. Twitter is not far much different from Instagram when it comes to sharing and storing videos.

It is worth noting however that even though these platform store videos and images, were not basically meant to be used as video hosting sites. Nonetheless, if you choose to, then you can go on. Most of the videos upload are short videos such that they can’t be retrieved and shared quickly.

You can record and upload videos through the Twitter app or the browser. Twitter owns Periscope and uses the same tech to enable live streaming natively on Twitter. Live streaming is available through the Twitter app.

In my view of “best free video hosting website”

According to my experience, I think YouTube is the best option when it comes to free video hosting services. They have exceptional services which can hardly be found anywhere on the internet.
If you are looking for the place to host your website then you can have a look at my article title the 7 best website hosting for small business.

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