Convert MS Word TOC into PDF bookmarks

How to Convert Microsoft word table of content into bookmarks for Pdf?

MS Word TOC into PDF bookmarks does not need any plugin or additional software.

In this tutorial I will show you how you can convert your Microsoft word documents’ headings into bookmarks in Pdf document.

Bookmarks in Pdf are very useful because they help to easy navigation. This means that if you don’t have them in your Pdf document you will always need to go back to the table of contents page to proceed to a page number.

This creates an inconvenience more especially if the document is very long. However, with the bookmarks available in documents you can always click a topic you want without the need for scrolling.

Bookmarks are the tops that are always found at the left side of the Pdf documents.

I will demonstrate the way of doing it into following simple ways

It’s simple and straight forward.

Step one: MS Word TOC into PDF bookmarks

  • Save the word document as Pdf to do this, select “save as”. –.
  • Am currently using office 2016 this is how it looks like
 MS Word TOC into PDF bookmarks

Step 2.  MS Word TOC into PDF bookmarks

Choose Pdf in the dialog (save formats) –

 MS Word TOC into PDF bookmarks

Step 3. Click on options

Check the Create Bookmarks using headings check box.

  • Click OK

I have created heading in this same documents for demonstration purposes.

Here is the outlook of the pdf

pdf outlook

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