Converting Pdf to Word including image or Arabic text

Converting Pdf to Word including image or Arabic text

Converting Pdf to Word including image or Arabic text – Converting Pdf to Word – You can convert pdf documents to Microsoft Word documents using the following tools.

  • Snipping tool
  • Google chrome
  • Google drive
  • Google documents
  • Paint

All the above programs are free. You don’t need any license to use them.

However, with the following tools, you will convert only one page at a time. This method is beneficial if you cannot convert the pdf document using the usual way.

The standard ways are, for example.

  1. Right-Click a PDF document and select Open with
  2. In the dialogue box choose Word office
  3. When it opens, word document will present to you with a dialogue box asking you,
  4. Select yes to proceed
  5. Word document will proceed with converting the document into word.
  6. Wait for some seconds or minutes depending on the size of the document
  7. Now click edit document at the top of the document.
  8. You file will be ready in Microsoft word document
  9. You can save it for future reference if you like

Other programs convert PDF to word. Some of them are very expensive. The standard programs are Nitro Pdf, Adobe Acrobat DC, and many others

However, sometimes. The pdf is in image form, and you cannot convert it directly into a word document.

Converting pdf to text the easiest way

If this is the case, then follow along to know how you can do it.

It can also be imperative if your PDF document is in Arabic text, for example. Because many PDF to Word converter programs do not work well with Arabic, which makes this method, we are going to discuss a very important

  1. Go to the Pdf document that want to convert and right-click
  2. Choose open with Chrome. You can open it with any other program if you don’t have chrome installed. Other programs like Firefox, opera and so on can open a pdf document.

If you don’t have them, then download chrome. It’s free

  • Step two Open snipping tool7

The use of the snipping tool here is to convert a pdf page into an image. Therefore, if you have some other knowledge on how to do it, you can do it your way. In case you do not know how to do it, then let’s do it together.

  1. Am using windows 10. Type snipping tool in the search box at the left bottom of your computer
  2. Click it to open it.
Converting Pdf to Word

Now before you, open the snipping tool, make sure that the pdf document is open.

  • Capture the page that want to turn into image and click save it
  • Now login to your Gmail account and open google drive
  • Once you are in google drive upload the save image to your word
  • After upload is successful – Right-click on the file and select open with google docs
Converting Pdf to Word including image or Arabic text

You will wait for a few seconds or minutes, depending on file size and the internet speed. Then google will provide both the image and the text.

The image will appear above the texts in google docs.

Google has also already saved a copy of google docs for you if you need it in the future.

Important note when converting pdf to text

Note: However, instead of uploading an image to google drive, you can upload the whole pdf document to google drive and let google convert it for you.

Nonetheless, the pdf is enormous in some scenarios, yet you need little texts or pages from it. In this case, you will need to use the above method.

The above steps are also crucial for someone who want to convert a disturbing Arabic text. Many Arabic pdf documents will not convert well if you upload them to google drive. Suppose you need an excellent method to excellent results. In that case, you will need to take a picture of the Arabic pdf document and let google convert the image, NOT the pdf document, into editable text.


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