Creating a Microsoft Word Template

Creating a Microsoft Word Template

Creating a Microsoft Word Template

If you have ever heard about templates in Websites, Templates in photoshop, Templates like WordPress themes, and so on, then a Word Template is not much different.

The use of a Word Template like the rest of other templates is to ease the work of editing for you. It also saves you the pain of making editing errors and helps you in finding the proper measurements.

 And more importantly, for example, I deal a lot with templates because they save me the hardships of making the proper calculations, measurements, and good graphics for corresponding types of documents.

Since professionals usually design many of these templates, you will worry less about if the coloring matches. 

When you create something, maybe brochures, a Resume, business card, or Restaurant card in Microsoft word, you will need to use the right fonts with the suitable font sizes, corresponding colors, etc.

These adjustments of colors, sizes, and so on need some professionalism and experience, making word templates very crucial because they can save this Budden.

For those who write articles, formal letters, cover letters, and so on, Microsoft word templates will always help you shape your document and bring together what you need to achieve what you want.

Something that would take you as a beginner or intermediate Microsoft word user something like 30 minutes to design, you will need something like 3-7 minutes or even 2 minutes to achieve want you want.

So, in short, it helps you achieve what a professional would perform in a few minutes.

The following tutorials will dig into how to create a Microsoft word template from scratch.

We shall also learn to update an existing Ms. Word template, possibly the one you just created with this tutorial.

And lastly, we shall look at different templates available on our fingerprints to utilize from Microsoft word.

 Suppose you’re unsure how to make a voucher, business card, professional-looking resume – curriculum vitae, invitation letters, and so on. Don’t look elsewhere. All are covered with Microsoft word.

You don’t need to make payments or give in your hard-earned money for a template from the internet.

The reason is that there are always better free templates with your Microsoft word program than those that you might be wanting to buy.

Moreover, when you create your resume, for example, on online websites, you might risk sharing your essential information. Your identity as some sites will keep this information. They can sell it to third-party partners.

Information itself is money, but it is even more valuable than you can guess regarding personal and identity information.

So, in case you are curious about how to do it and where to find these Word Templates, then don’t worry, I have got you because I’ll walk you through each step and provide you with an illustrative picture of how and what to do.

I will also use pointers to pinpoint precisely where you should click such that it becomes even easier to follow along.

After you create one or two templates using Microsoft Word Templates, trust me, you will be able to deal with most, if not all, the templates that come with Microsoft Word.

Note: It is worth noting that almost all Microsoft office programs have templates that come along with them when you install the Microsoft office package on your computer.

Therefore, it will be of good help to learn how to create Word Template because the knowledge you will gain with this post will apply to other Microsoft Office applications like Microsoft PowerPoint.  

There are the same thing. Maybe I have talked much. Let us begin by creating a word template.

If you want to create a word template from scratch, there are just three steps involved, namely.

Open Microsoft word document like you usually do on your pc, then make some adjustments you need. Maybe you are going to create many word files with recurring information on each file. 

These adjustments can be, for example, header and footer. Put the header and footer you need, then lastly save the document as a template, that all.

Now I will explain the above paragraph in detail with the illustration.

Step1. Creating a new Word document –

I am using Windows 10. So to Open Microsft word document, I type “word” in the search bar at the lower right corner of my laptop, as you can see below

Next is to create a new word document. Click on the tap name Blank Document.

After clicking the New Document tap, a blank document will open.

Step2. Make the editing that you want.

You will probably want to put the repetitive information you would like to appear on each document you need. You always write word documents, and you want to stick to a certain margin on every document.

Let say you want 3cm on each side of the margin. On each side I mean, the top, bottom, left, and right. Then you can define the editing in this document. You can also specify the header, footer, or anything according to your needs and what you want to achieve. I hope you get the idea.

Now for me, I will create a template with a margin of 2.5cm at every side of the document. I will also include a footer at the right-hand side of the Word document that has my website name. Website Creators.

Here is how it will look

First: I will set the Margins

           To set the margins. Go to page layout > click on the right bottom corner arrow pointing directly to the corner under the page setup section, like the image below.

Creating a Microsoft Word Template

Then I will insert the measurements as I promised into the provided corresponding fields. Look at the following image.

Next, I inserted my website address – URL – in the footer on the right-hand side, which means that every document I create using this template will have this link. 

Here is how it looks 

Step 3. It is the last step of Creating a Microsoft Word Template

Saving a word document as a template file.

This step is straightforward, as I will show you all you need to do is save this document as you would save any word document. But instead of saving it as a Microsoft word document, choose the option of word template.

In case you are wondering how a word document is saved, read this line.

 To save, begin with going to file at the top right corner of your document > then choose to save as > the next thing to do is browse to the place where you want to keep – in this case, choose to browse- You can select your Desktop or Documents as a place to save

Creating a Microsoft Word Template

Choose Word Template click Save. Bravo, you have already created the template.

See you at the following topic when I am explaining how to use your Saved template. In the meantime, you can learn how to create sections in the Microsoft word

Using or updating the existing Microsoft Word Template

This tutorial is a continuation of previous tutorials where we explained the creation of a Word template from scratch – Starting from a blank Microsoft word document.

Here we shall demonstrate how you can use the template that you created previously. After this, we shall discuss how you can create a professional curriculum vitae that can impress your employers using Microsoft templates for the Resume.

I will first explain using the created template in one paragraph. If you can grasp it with this paragraph that I am going to write, you might not need to read the rest of the elaborative steps that I will write.

Remember, you can always come back and check out the detailed steps in case you are stuck. If the paragraph seems to be too short or you need a piece of detailed information with actions to take, then feel free to follow up until the rest of the document

Here is the paragraph:

Open Microsoft word application – I explained in the tutorials above how to do it. – then click “Open” > Browse > then look for the template you created with the tutorials above. We saved our template in the Documents folder, remember. Open it. As soon as you open this document, click “Save as” and keep it as a standard Microsoft word document with a different name. Bravo. You have created a word document that is based on the created templated. It is that simple.

Now I will explain the above paragraph with detailed step by step process information with illustrations and images

Step One: Open Microsoft Word > click Open > then click Browse. I am using Microsoft Windows 10. Here is how my screen looks like when I carry out the above steps that I have mentioned.

Step Two: Browse and open the template file you saved in the above tutorials for creating a Microsoft word template. Then click it to Open it.

Step Three: This step is the last. After opening the template file, I advise that you save it again as a standard word document with a different name. The reason for this is to avoid the mistakes of editing the template. Remember you want to use the template for many word documents that you will be creating.

Saving it with a different name means your template is safe and that now you are working with a new document. A typical word document with the information and setting already in place.

When you save this document as a word document with the new file name, it retains and inherits all the configurations you defined with the template you created.

Below is what I mean a standard word document file

That is it.

See you in another tutorial about accomplishing real-life tasks like creating a curriculum vitae, designing restaurant banners, making curriculum vitae, and other daily tasks using Microsoft Word templates.

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