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8 best free website builder and domain

if you are looking for a free website builder and domain (I mean the one which will allow you to connect your custom domain without upgrading to a premium account), then you should go for Ucraft or google sites.

This is because most of these builders will only allow you to add a custom domain if you are upgrading for premium services. Nonetheless, they will provide a subdomain on free accounts.

The reader should also note that having said the above, there is nothing like a free domain because domains will always come at a price except for sub-domain

Many web hosts who provide free domains, they provide them as part of the premium features.

However, they will always be ready to provide you with a free subdomain if you like.

But if you are planning to buy a custom domain, then you should go for Wix. They will provide you with premium features including free custom domain name at 13$/Month. This is a great deal.

SEO effect.

If you are using the free subdomains but plan to upgrade to a premium account in feature, then you should be aware that this might affect your SEO.

This is because you will end up losing traffic you were getting since domains have changed. However, you can fix this by using redirects like 301 redirections.

Except that some free website builders do not support this kind of redirection.

Therefore, the solution to this would be to look for builders that support them or to upgrade to premium services.

No 1. Wix – Best free website builder and domain

Wix @ free website creator and domain

Wix has a very simple and easy-to-use use designer. You can choose between their ADI or editor. According to my experience, both options are awesome.

In case you want a quicker and more professional site you should choose the first option.

However, if you are more concerned with the flexibility over the easiness then you would go for the second option.

Both options are nonetheless relatively easy to use. I have personally experimented with both options.

You just need to click on what you want to edit and it is ready for editing right away

They will also provide you with a couple of themes and templates.

They will provide you with many features like a blog on eCommerce sites Online live chat on the system and so on.

The free subdomain that Wix provides looks like

The downside is that Wix places an ad at the top of the page

You also can’t add your favicon— the favicon is a Wix logo (favicons are the icons in a browser’s tab). However, they allow you to add a website logo

Pros of using Wix Website builder

  • Easy to use the builder
  • They provide an option for the automatic builder
  • Free custom domain on upgrade
  • 100s of Designer-Made Templates
  • Customizable Designs
  • Optimized Mobile View
  • Drag n’ Drop Website Editor
  • Image Editor
  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • 500MB storage
  • Unlimited pages

Cons of using Wix website builder

  • Ads at the top of page

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No. 2 Ucraft one of the best free website builder and domain

What is liked most about UCRAFT is the loading speed. When you try to compare the free account of UCRAFT and other builders you might see a difference in speed if you test with Gtmetrix.

They also provide an unlimited number of pages, Google Analytics, SSL, and a simple free subdomain which looks like ( in case you don’t have a subdomain. if you have a custom domain they provide the option to connect it to your website for free.

The Ucraft ad is the main drawback. Ucraft used to have a small ad — but they have broadened it to a full-wide ad that displays at the bottom of the website. So if you choose Ucraft, you should be aware of it

Pros of using Ucraft as the website builder

  • An unlimited number of pages.
  • Google analytics
  • SSL
  • Subdomain for free

Cons of using Ucraft as a web creator

  • 100% width ad at the bottom

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No. 3. Carrd – free website builder and domain for a one-page site

Carrd is best used for one-page websites. Therefore, if you looking for a free website builder and domain but want interested in a one-page website then Carrd is the best way to go.

The downside with Carrd is that they will place a small, hardly noticeable ad.

Since Carrd is for building one-page websites, it should, therefore, be used for building simple and small sites.

Although you can make one-page websites with Weebly or Wix, they ‘re just not as intuitive as Carrd. Weebly and Wix are tools for creating multi-page websites — Carrd was developed to create one-page websites serving one purpose.

Finally, if you want to upgrade, Carrd would be incredibly affordable. Plans begin a $9 per year. It is Much, WAY cheaper than multi-page Website builders like Squarespace.

Pros of using Carrd

  • Well-designed editor
  • Easy to use
  • Competitive pricing

Cons of using Carrd

  • Sites limited to one page
  • Missing e-commerce or blogging tool

No.4. Google Sites – free custom domain connection

Free to add custom domains – Unique feature

100% free. They’re completely free, they don’t even offer paid plans.

Might not be suitable for small business websites.

The elements you use to build your website are mostly Google products— Google Docs, Google Calendars, Google Forms, etc.

Just heads up: it requires a bit of technical know-how to set up the custom domain names and of course you’ll still have to pay the annual domain name fee (around $15).

So in conclusion: if you love the one template Google Sites offers, and the idea of a lifetime free website intrigues you— you might want to give it a shot!

The downside is that Google Sites doesn’t offer a selection of templates. Instead, there is only one single template with 6 styles. This template has a quite few features.

Pros of using Google Sites

  • Mobile-friendly websites possible
  • Can integrate Google Drive and other Google apps
  • Possibility to embed some external content
  • Allows custom domain integration
  • You can choose to publish for specific people or the whole world

Cons of using google sites

  • Limited functionality
  • Not good for business websites
  • Only google apps may be allowed

No. 5 Webflow

This website builder is a very powerful designer— but has a learning curve. It’s not what I suggest if you’re looking for an easy to use website builder. However, it is very good if you are looking for flexibility.

The Webflow Designer gives you the flexibility of front-end coding without actually requiring you to code. However, you will need to understand the fundamentals of web design. Nonetheless, Webflow will allow you flexibility with the design that you can hardly get with other website builders.

The downside of Webflow is the small ad but it’s not very intrusive.

Pros of using Webflow

  • No need for coding
  • Plenty of templates

Cons of using Webflow

  • Not easy to use, needs to time even though there might not be coding involved
  • Plans relatively expensive

No. 6. Weebly

On even free plan Weebly provides plenty of features. The subdomain they provide you looks like: (

It’s really easy to use— so if ease. Therefore, if you prefer easiness to flexibility then you can go for Weebly.

The downside of Weebly is the ad that they will place on your web page. Therefore, you will need to bear with this if you are to use Weebly

Pros of using Weebly

  • Good website speeds
  • Free templates to start.
  • Responsive pages
  • Easy to use

Cons of using Weebly

  • Limited blogging tools
  • The ad is a must on free sites

No 6. Jimdo – free website builder and domain

With Jimdo you build your website by stacking sections. Sections are cookie-cutter. This means that you can’t add new elements to a section— you can only hide the elements as an example

The Jimdo editor only lets you show or hide elements— not add new ones.

Their web builder is very easy to use. Jimdo has a very average free plan that contains: neat subdomain (

The downside to their plan is that they will add a small ad in the footer.

Pros of using Jimdo

  • It’s cheap
  • Their templates are responsive
  • Possibility to edit HTML and CSS of your site if you like

Cons of using Jimdo

  • Limited templates
  • Support is limited to E-mail
  • There is no import and export functionality

7. XPRS – Free and easy website builder and domain

Basic features

XPRS doesn’t put advertisements on free websites— which is a great thing.

Unfortunately, the subdomain they provide free websites is pretty unusable and there is no way to edit it:

Moreover, their designer interface is not very simple to use. It might, therefore, take you some time to figure out how things work

Pros of using XPRS as free website builder and domain

  • A simple, easy and professional designer
  • No ads
  • A stunning range of templates
  • Responsive pages

Cons of using XPRS as free website builder and domain

  • Templates cannot be changed without starting over
  • Support through E-mail only

No. 8 WordPress – (100% free website builder and domain)

Firstly, is not is what most people mean when they talk about WordPress— it’s the free, open-source CMS. on the other hand is more like a website builder. is free whereas should be hosted at a cost.

If you are planning to host a WordPress site, the best host that was meant for WordPress is WP Engine.

However, if you are looking for the cheapest on the market with fair features you should go for Hostinger. They are currently at 0.9$/Month.

If you are still want to explore more check out my article about web hosts

The major downside is that randomly inserts ads into your content.

Pros of using as website builder and domain

  • Easy to set up
  • Maintenance is simple
  • 100% free to use

Cons of using as free website builder and domain

  • Random ads on the website
  • No plugins
  • No monetization

In conclusion,

each of the builders has its advantages and disadvantages, However, according to me Ucraft and Wix look to standout.

the good thing with Ucraft that Wix does not have is an option to connect to a custom domain on free plans.

The good thing about Wix also is that they have a couple of great features and add-ons that add value to your site that you might not find with Ucraft.

Their builder is much easier even with eCommerce. Moreover, upgrading to premium services almost cost the same fee as a domain. They will provide premium services and free domain at only 13$.

This makes no great difference between the builders, hence it becomes a matter of choice between the two.

Thanks for reading

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