How To Make A Word Template With Fields

We can use one of two approaches to make a Microsoft word template with fields. These two approaches are similar to methods we saw in the post of making CVs with templates.

The fast method is to create a template with fields from the already made available Microsoft word templates. The second method would begin with a blank document, putting form fields on it, and then saving it as a template.

In the first approach, using the already available word templates is easier because the file will already have some customization and configurations. So with all these edits already made, it saves time and avoids errors.

However, you might need to add some form fields which might not be present in the current created or downloaded template from the Microsoft template website.

To add form fields to the Microsoft word document, you should have developer tap enabled. All different form controls that you will need to use will be available under this tab. The following are some of the form fields available for use in Microsoft word.

  1. Rich text content control field
  2. Plain text content control field
  3. Picture content control field
  4. Building block gallery content control field
  5. Check box content control field
  6. Combo box content control field
  7. Dropdown list Content control field
  8. Date Picker content control field
  9. Repeating section content control field
  10. And lastly, the legacy tools also consists of the following
    • Text form field
    • Check box form field
    • Dropdown form filed
    • Insert frame form field
    • Form field shading field
    • Reset form field button

Rich text content control field

Users can make different text formatting of text as bold or italic and input numerous paragraphs in a rich text content control. Insert the plain text content control if you wish to limit what people can add.

To insert Rich text content control field

  • Click at thee point where you would like to insert the control.
  • Select Developer > Rich Text Content Control Rich text control button

Plain text content control field

To insert a plain text control field, you follow the same procedure above. The difference between rich and Plain text control fields is that users can make different text format as bold or italic, and they can type multiple paragraphs where users cannot do the same editing of text with plain text control fields. This way, a user is limited with what they can do with the text.

To set specific properties on the control, like the default font sizes and particular styles, whether heading or Normal styles or whatever you are configuring, you can always use the Properties button on the right side under the developer tab.

Inserting a picture control field

A picture control field can also be added to the form template by the user. Follow the steps below

  • Click at the point/place where you would like to insert the control.
  • Select Developer > Picture Content Control Picture control button.

Inserting a building block control

Inserting a combo box or a dropdown list:

With a Combo box, users able to select from a list of choices you provide or type in their information. In a dropdown list, users can only choose from the list of options.

  • Go to Developer
  • Then choose Combo Box Content Control or Drop-Down List Content Control List box button.

Choose the Content Control, and then select Properties.

To create a list of choices:

  • Select Add under Dropdown Properties Tab.
  • Insert a choice in Display Name by typing for example, Yes, No, or Don’t know.

Repeat this procedure until the dropdown list has all of the options you want. Fill in any other properties that you think are important until you have a good understanding of the output.

Inserting a date picker

Insert a date picker field by following the above steps

  • As always, Click or tap where you want to insert the date picker control.
  • Select Developer
  • Date Picker Content Control Date picker button.

Click or tap to enter a date.

To set specific properties on the control, Click on properties under developer tap

Inserting a check box

Follow the same procedures to insert the rest of the field on your form template. The instructions are the same for inserting the rest of the areas like the checkbox field and other

Adding protection to a form file

If you want to limit how much other users can edit or format a form, use the Restrict Editing command to achieve this. Do the following

  • Open the form file that you want to start protecting.
  • Choose Developer.
  •  Select Restrict Editing.
  • Select Yes, Start Enforcing Protection.

Important Note:

If you want to protect only specific parts of the Document, separate the Word Document into sections and only safeguard the Sections you want. If you are un sure about how to create Sections in Microsoft word, check out my post about creating Sections in Microsoft word

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