Sections with different page number format in MS Word


Step one: Create a section

To create section follows the following procedures

  • Click at the end of the paragraph where you want the new section to begin. This is the end and the starting point of the section
  • Go to ‘page layout’ in Microsoft word menu
  • Select breaks
  • In the dropdown list choose ‘next page’

Now you have created a section in your word document.
The reason for creating a section is that you can create different page numbers for different sections. You can decide not to number a section at all. In addition, you can also make a section begin from a certain page number.
For example, a section can begin on page two if you like.

Step two: Insert page numbers

To insert page number

  • Click on insert on Microsoft word menu
  • Select page numbers
  • In the drop-down menu, select the page numbering format you want. For example, there is top page numbers, bottom page numbers. For top page numbers, numbers will appear at the top of the page. This is the same story with bottom page numbers
  • You will notice that after inserting page numbers. Numbers will appear in every section of the document.
  • Step 3: Format page numbers according to section.
  • This is the most important part when you are formatting page numbers differently in Microsoft word sections.
  • Click in the header or footer of the next section. If you inserted page numbers at the bottom click in the footer of the page
  • To click the footer and make it active just double click the bottom of the page.
  • Look at the dialogue at the top of the Microsoft word menu. You will see something like ‘link to previous’. Click it to make it inactive.
  • This means that the page numbering in this section is not linked to the previous section.

Step 4: Go back to insert menu

  • Choose insert
  • Page numbers
  • At the drop-down list choose ‘format page numbers’
  • At the dialogue box in the last field box type in the number from which you want the page numbers to begin.
  • Go back to the first section
  • Click on footer
  • Select the page number Ex. ‘1’, delete
  • If you followed these steps successfully, you will realize that now you have two sections
  • One with no page numbers
  • Another with page numbers that start from the specified number above.
  • Good luck

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