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How to build a bear site in 7 steps?

In this post, I will talk about how to build a bear site in 7 steps and one hour. The bear site will be a store for toy-related products.

It is simple to build a bear website. In this tutorial, I will show you how to do it by using Wix.

We are choosing because it is fast, secure, and scalable. Moreover, it is cheaper compared to other website building service providers like BigCommerce

It is cheaper because it is simple with no much complexity. This means that within a few touches you can finish it in a very short time.

I will walk you through the essential steps. Let’s start.

Step one (when building a bear site).

Signing up is quick and simple.

  • Click on the link below and create an account with Wix. Come back here and continue with this with the tutorial after signing up.

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Step two choose: Choose the style of website creation

  • Login into your Wix account
  • Click on “create a new website” as seen in the picture

creat new website - build a bear site

  • On the next screen choose the “online store” because we are going to build a bear store.adi
  • In the next screen, select “Let Wix ADI Create a Website for You”

Under this option, Wix will require that you answer a few simple questions. The program will use the answers you give to automatically get a website designed just for you in minutes.

Step 3 of (build a bear website): Choosing the type of site you want

The most important thing to do here is to enter the name type of your store

I have named it Toy store. Remember that there is a difference between name type and the site name.

Name type is something like category whereas the site name is the name you will give to your site. I will name this “best toy store”, later in this tutorial.

Step 4: Choosing features that you want to add to the website.

At this step in our article “build a bear website”, choose the features that you want to add to the toy site.

In this tutorial, I selected three features.features for bear site

  • Firstly, chat features
  • Secondly, blog features
  • Lastly, Instagram feeds

However, there are many other features that you can add to the site.

Some of these options are video, bookings, events, pricing plans, forums, subscribe forms, and many others.

Nonetheless, you can add these features to the website afterward. There will always be provisions to add these options even after publishing the website.

Step 5 (how to build a bear website):

  • Click next on the previous screen to provide a name for your website.  I named ours as the “Best Toy Store”.
  • On the next screen, the program will ask you whether you have an existing website that you want to import. Given the situation in this tutorial, you can skip this step.
  • Click next.

On the next screen.

  • You can add your website logo. If you don’t have a logo as of now you can live it.
  • Here you can also enter your business address at the stage.
  • Enter other website details as the program asks. For example, Phone number, fax, and social links if you like

On the next screen.

  • You are supposed to choose the theme and feel of your website store from here.
  • I have chosen the third option. You can, however, change the home page of your website even after publishing.

Step 6: editing your website.

Under this step, their many options and many things you can do. However, we shall focus on the following ones.

  1. We shall edit the header by putting a new image on the Homepage.

Let’s put a toy on the homepage.

header 1

  1. Click on “edit and replace”.
  2. The program will provide you with a dialogue “replace – adjust”
  3. Choose “replace” because we shall replace it with the new image.
  4. You will a dialogue that looks like below
    header options

In section numbered “1,” you can type in to search for any picture. I typed “toy” and that was the result that came.

I will select the section number 3.

In section number 2 are options for managing your media files. You will the following options;

  • Recommended. Under this option, Wix will provide pictures and images based on its intelligence about your website.
  • Media from Wix. These are thousands of images that are free. This means that you are free to use these images on your Wix website at no cost.
  • Shutterstock. These are also good images but they are not free. Each image you choose has its price.
  • Unsplash. I like this and I have used it a lot before. Under Unsplash are over one billion free photos.

The above options are good because they provide you with easy and free media management in one place.

Any photo that you save from any of the above sources is available to any of your Wix websites. This is good because it provides convenience to you.

The next step after selecting the image you want is to press apply at the bottom right corner of the program.

  • Next, we shall add some teddy bear products to our sites.

These are the products we have now but they don’t reflect the intention of our site

products @ build a bear website

Adding photo images

So what we shall do is to add some good images of teddy bears. After that, we will add the product title, a discount if you like, and some other information.

The idea here is to demonstrate how things work.managing store

  • So to do this, head to “Manage Apps”, under it is “store”, Click on it and you will see a screen similar to the one below.


  • Click on “products” on the left-hand side. On the right-hand side, you will see the list of products on your site.

Click on any image to change it. If you click on the product image you will see a screen similar to the one below.

products@create a bear site

I choose an image from Unsplash provision as we discussed above remember!

When you scroll down on the product page lets add few details to the product.

  1. You add the product title. I will name mine as “teddy bear”
  2. Also, press on the icon “On Sale” to add a discount percentage. When the discount is subtracted from the product price, the sale price is automatically calculated.
  3. You can scroll down to add product descriptions and other information.

You will do the same thing for all products that you are adding. They are many features that Wix provides concerning products. For now, we are just looking at the basics. Don’t forget to save after each and every step.

Step 7: Publishing the website.

Publishing is simple and straight forward because you just needpublishing to click the “publish button”.

However, you might want to know what type of domain you will be having after publishing. To make this short, there are two options:

  1. The free domain
  2. Or a professional domain starting at 13$ per year. But it Wix give it to for free if you upgrade as we speak now the Upgrade for “Business Unlimited” plan is at 13$.  This plan comes with a full package to set up at a higher speed.

business plan

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