Converting Pdf to Word

Converting Pdf to Word including image or Arabic text You can convert pdf document to Microsoft word document using the following tools Snipping tool Google chrome Google drive Google documents Paint All the above programs are free. You don’t need any license to use them. However, with the following tools you will convert only one… Continue reading Converting Pdf to Word

1001 font

1001 free font 1001 free font website provide you thousands of fonts that are free for usage. All you need to do is, download the font you like and install it. After installing it, then you are free to use it. How to install 1001 font on computer? The computer comes with a lot of… Continue reading 1001 font

Convert MS Word TOC into PDF bookmarks

How to Convert Microsoft word table of content into bookmarks for Pdf? MS Word TOC into PDF bookmarks does not need any plugin or additional software. In this tutorial I will show you how you can convert your Microsoft word documents’ headings into bookmarks in Pdf document. Bookmarks in Pdf are very useful because they… Continue reading Convert MS Word TOC into PDF bookmarks

free website builder and domain

8 best free website builder and domain if you are looking for a free website builder and domain (I mean the one which will allow you to connect your custom domain without upgrading to a premium account), then you should go for Ucraft or google sites. This is because most of these builders will only… Continue reading free website builder and domain

blog post

domain free website builder and domain Written by Jibril Web build a bear site Written by Jibril all categories blog post Written by Jibril

Who owns domain

Who owns a domain name? Before we can dive into who owns domain name let’s talk about how what domain means. Therefore, we shall in this article who owns domain tackle different aspects concerning the domain name In case you are looking for information about who owns or hosts a specific domain name then look… Continue reading Who owns domain