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Base64 to Image

The best online tool for base64 string-to-picture conversion. The base64 image decoder is simple and aids in decoding base64 codes to images. Therefore, using this 100% free decoding tool, you may decode Base64 as an image online and get a preview right in your browser.

Anyone can use this tool to convert Base64 data into an image file without needing to install anything on their computer or device. The 26 uppercase alphabetic characters from A to Z, as well as the 26 matching lowercase letters from a to z, are all included in the Base64 alphabet.

Note: The decoding output will be forced to be presented as an image, even if it is a different file type, by the "Base64 to Image" converter. Therefore, utilize the Base64 to file converter since it can display various file types if you are unsure that your Base64 string is an image. In any event, go ahead and give it a shot; this converter will let you know if there are any issues.

Steps to convert

  1. Copy the Base64 String
  2. Click on convert to image button
  3. You can download the image you have just converted


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