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ICO Converter

ICO converter is a straightforward online tool that can convert any image into ICO format. Any photo can be converted to an ICO file for use in Windows programs or as a website favicon. Therefore, with the help of this online ICO converter, you can create an ICO picture from several image source types.

The ICO format has a 256-pixel maximum size. Your file will be automatically resized to the specified image size if you do not select an image size.  With this tool, all you need to do to create a favicon.ico is to set the size to 16x16 pixels. We now support the formats below to convert your image to an allow.

What do we mean by ICO files, and what are their uses?

The Microsoft Windows operating system frequently uses files with the ICO suffix to display images used as computer icons. It can be applied to shortcuts, directories, programs, and item icons in the start menu.

The earliest versions of Microsoft Windows already included ICO files. The file format has improved throughout time regarding colour support and the maximum size of pixels that can be used. The icons can currently be up to 512 by 512 pixels in length, with 8-bit transparency and 24-bit colour. The following is the list of some applications that can we can use to open ICO files:

  • Gimp
  • Photoshop by Adobe
  • Paint by Microsoft


How to use an ICO converter

  1. Select the image that you want to convert from your computer, or you can use a remote image by providing its URL
  2. Choose the size of the image
  3. Click the “Convert.” button


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