Word Counter

How can we define a Word Counter?

It is a tool to count the words, characters, and paragraphs in your text; copy and paste them into the above online text box, then click on Count Button.

As you type, delete, and revise them, you'll notice a rise or decrease in the number of letters and words by clicking the count button again. Additionally, you can paste content from another program into the aforementioned online editor. Advice: Save this page as a bookmark right away. Knowing a text's word count easily can be crucial since you can return to it quickly later.

What is the benefit of Word Counter?

For instance, if a writer is required to produce a specific minimum or maximum word count for an article, essay, report, narrative, book, paper, etc. Word Counter will ensure that the word count meets a particular requirement or remains within a predetermined range.

Therefore, the primary motivation for developing the practical free application, Word Counter, was the requirement for an internet tool that aided authors and editors. Word Counter is thus a free online tool that can determine numbers of words


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