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ICO to PNG converter tool is the best approach to convert an ICO file to a PNG quickly and easily. It is free, safe, and simple to use our Converter from ICO to PNG. Your image files are converted online using our tool.

What do ICO and PNG mean?

  • ICO is a type of picture file that may store image icons. Microsoft Windows operating systems utilize the ICO file extension to store icon files. Additionally, websites employ ICO files as their favicons. Images with 24-bit colours are supported in this regard.
  • Portable Network Group (PNG) pictures are stored in the graphic format using a lossless compression method. It employs two-stage compression techniques. Because it only supports the RGB colour model, it is commonly utilised as website photos rather than for printing. Therefore, CMYK images cannot be saved as PNG files.

How to open ICO file type

An ICO file can be opened, edited, and created with Windows IconMaker. It can also be processed by the use of CorelDRAW which is an excellent tool for producing, editing, and reading ICO files. Use our online ICO Converter to convert ICO files. To use specific images as icons or to store the icon image in an editable or portable format, ICO files are frequently converted to and from other file types. Another program is GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is a well-known application for modifying ICO files (GIMP). Operating systems for Mac, Linux, and Windows all support ICO. ICO files can also be opened with Microsoft Paint, Apple Preview, or IrfanView.

Why would you choose our tool?

The ICO to PNG file converter is uncomplicated, quick, privacy-focused, free to use, doesn't require an email address, and doesn't employ watermarks. 100% free.

Steps to Convert ICO to PNG

  1. Choose the ico file from your desktop
  2. Click convert


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